I was born and raised on my family ranch in rural Idaho. I obtained a Bachelors in K-12 education and secondary education from the University of Western Idaho. I spent several years teaching in the local Noxon school district before moving to Elk Mountain. My husband and I own a ranch in Noxon and delight in participating in outdoor activities as well as working from our shop. I am an outgoing person and hope to encourage your daughters to also be outgoing and expand their minds with all the new ideas I have, particularly in the areas of art and dance, which will augment their program experience. I am very excited to be able to mentor your daughters in their future life goals. I have also competed in many avenues in the equestrian world through high school and college. I competed in 4-H, Rodeo, O-MOk-See , mounted archery, skijoring, roping, ranch rodeo, team penning and driving.