“When everything else failed and future seemed hopeless, when there was no place to turn for help, Elk Mountain Academy accepted my daughter into its program and did what seemed impossible; it gave us new hope and a turning point in my daughter’s life.

Coming to Elk Mountain Academy with problems of anorexia nervosa, sexual abuse, substance abuse and problems with the family and law, and dealing with it all trying to heal the pain was not easy, but the dedicated Elk Mountain staff did a wonderful job to help my daughter start recovering and get her on the right path to return to life. The ongoing intensive individual and group therapy sessions, with the qualified expert therapists such as Mike and Mary, and the application of the level system really worked and slowly my daughter started dropping her protective shells and trusting again and opening up to reveal her pain that was causing her problems and her act out in destructive ways. She started to heal. Our mother/daughter relationship started to recover. We could have normal conversations again; I could hear my old real child again, who started to talk to me and smile and just be herself. With the therapist assisted weekly phone calls we could work on the family issues that otherwise would never be brought up and would’ve caused more pain in the future.

As a result of my daughter’s stay at Elk Mountain Academy, she has become a new person, one who is open to accept life’s challenges in a positive way, one who is open to recovery and the work that needs to be done to accomplish that, one who has gained the self-esteem needed to get to a better place in life and one who started to trust others and…. herself.

I would like to recommend the Elk Mountain Academy Therapeutic Boarding School to every parent who is looking for a place that heals, builds self-esteem, rebuilds family relations, or helps with addictions and any other problem your teenage daughter might be facing. I am confident that the dedicated, experienced and qualified Elk Mountain Academy staff will be able to provide the best possible environment for recovery, not only to the child, but the parent as well.”