“I am writing this letter to let you know that we have been very happy and satisfied with our daughter’s progress at Elk Mountain. When we made the decision to send our daughter to an establishment such as yours, we made sure we researched it, since we were ensuring our daughters well being to someone other than ourselves. We heard good things about Elk Mountain and when we had any questions or inquiries, your staff was more than pleased to respond to all our questions. The fact that Mickey called me and spoke with me at length, as well as Mary, reassured us that our daughter was going to be in good hands.

The decision to send a daughter away is a hard one. We were desperate to help our daughter any way we could. She had been to several counselors and psychologists in the past and could never achieve the results that we hoped for. We felt that more intensive counseling and treatment was needed. At Elk Mountain we were able to see that our daughter had achieved in personal and emotional breakthroughs that she had never able to achieve. We saw for the first time in years, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

The program has restored our hope. We can now feel our daughter making the transformation into a loving, productive, and responsible young woman that we hoped all our lives she would be. Our daughter is not yet finished with the program, however, I know every day she spends there is a valuable lesson in life that she will eventually appreciate and thanks us for. We would like to thank you for your caring and empathy and congratulate you on your psychologists which are truly wonderful people. We are blessed to have our daughter there.”