One of life’s difficult tasks is to find positivity in the face of tragedy. How do we rise like the phoenix out of the ashes of despair? At Elk Mountain Girls Academy, we believe that God does not act without reason. 

For instance, a person might ask: What good can come from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic? We have found that there is one positive outcome: the increased accessibility of resources for people recovering from substance use disorder (SUD).

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, recovery from SUD evaded many people in the U.S. This is because they either did not have the resources to access recovery or were without the information they needed to pursue recovery. The pandemic has changed this access and information problem.

The COVID-19 pandemic created many changes in SUD recovery. A lot of 12-Step and other recovery meetings have now gone virtual. For long-term recovery, this can be seen as a silver lining of a global tragedy.

Technology and Recovery

Ever since the online tech boom of the late 20th Century, recovery information has lived on the fringes of the internet. Early on, this information was often unsubstantiated and ill-informed. (Sadly, this can still be the case.)

However, the information out there tends to be much more reliable. The individual connectivity online has made fact-checking and recovery center vetting much easier. While this ability to find substantiated academic and government-accredited information is fantastic, it is not the greatest boon to hit online recovery in recent years.

The post-COVID-19 world has seen an entirely new landscape when it comes to recovery. Now, anyone at any time can virtually connect with someone else who is struggling with SUD. 

Combating Substance Use Disorder From Anywhere

Because they can log in to an online community or connect on Zoom and make a face-to-face connection, many people have found it easier and more convenient to sustain long-term recovery. This, of course, was spawned out of tragedy, but the ability to find support virtually has remained in place even while the tragedy is waning.

In this virtual landscape, when someone has the urge to return to the old behavior of substance use, they can connect virtually to discuss their struggles with others who have gone through the same thing. It is believed by many that only someone who has struggled with substance misuse can understand someone else who struggles with substance misuse. 

This connection has become critical for many people’s recovery. However, while an online connection is helpful, its helpfulness is ten-fold when it is utilized along with other aspects of recovery.

Incorporating Technology Into Recovery

As with any problem in life, addiction is often best addressed by viewing it from multiple angles. Mental health problems are best solved when approached from multiple fronts. This is why here at Elk Mountain Girls Academy, we utilize a multitude of resources when it comes to recovery.

We are grateful and excited for the new online world of recovery. However, we have found that online recovery can be futile if it is not used in tandem with other tools.

We believe that when approaching SUD, it is crucial to focus on three aspects: physical turmoil, behavioral disruption, and spiritual malady. 

Physical Health

Substance use can ravage our physical bodies, which is why it is so important for us to offer a constant buffet of healthy foods for recovery. We also offer programs that utilize our Montana mountain stream setting to restore our students’ bodies and souls to health.

Behavioral Health 

We aim to address behavioral issues through therapeutic means. There is a shared belief that substance misuse is but a symptom of deeper issues. Our therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), equine therapy, and art therapy effectively address those issues.

Spiritual Health

Our recovery program also incorporates spiritual practices. Here at Elk Mountain Girls Academy, we utilize the teachings of Jesus Christ to impart the benefits of spiritual practice in recovery. Do we insist that our students convert to Christianity? No, we don’t. However, we do feel that Jesus Christ provides a beautiful roadmap for incorporating some form of spiritually-based healing into your daughter’s life. Acceptance of something greater than ourselves has been shown to greatly increase the chances of recovery from SUD.

Online Meetings for Long-Term Recovery

Ultimately, we feel that online recovery can best be utilized for those that have already addressed their underlying issues of SUD. The online world of recovery can help those recovering from substance use to stay on the right path and avoid relapse.

Connected like never before, people have come together to help one another recover, and it is a beautiful example of community and love. As Peter 4:10 says in the Bible, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” Recovery is a gift we share, so that others may do the same. 

The post-COVID-19 virtual recovery world is vast. The ability to connect with others struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) has become available with a single click. There are 12-Step meetings, young people groups, and online recovery chat groups happening on a round-the-clock basis that are available to all. While simply attending an online meeting or chat group is a step forward, it will be most helpful after receiving a better understanding of what online recovery looks like. Online recovery has now become an everyday part of life for those who once struggled with SUD. We believe that online help can be crucial for a healthy, long-term recovery. For more information, please contact Elk Mountain Girls Academy at (888) 403-0346.